Trade war: Donald Trump administration’s measures against Chinese companies | International Business News

* Money managers say selling of banned shares by US investors could weigh on prices in the short term, but do not see big consequences yet and say that fine print could allow them to get around some of the trade restrictions.

* Index makers FTSE Russell, S&P Dow Jones Indices and MSCI have removed some of the listed firms from index products, weighing on their share prices as passive investors sell.

* The New York Stock Exchange said it would delist China Mobile, China Telecom Corp and China Unicom on January 11 and index providers say they will delete them, prompting heavy share price drops.

* Tencent and Alibaba shares also fell after it was reported that the US may extend investment bans to them.

* Investors have shifted holdings of Chinese firms out of US listings, saying there is a risk that more Chinese companies could be affected.

* Elsewhere widely-held securities such as SMIC’s Hong Kong shares have seen modest price pressure, while others such as Hikvision have gained in recent weeks.
China’s response

* China has described the US moves as wanton oppression of its companies, said they lack evidence and asked the United States to cease abusing the concept of national security.

* In response to reports of sanctions extending to Tencent or Alibaba, China said it would take necessary measures to safeguard companies’ rights and interests.

* Hikvision has called its inclusion on the defense department list “groundless” and other firms have issued similar strongly-worded statements.

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